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Caroline Flack: Her Life and Death Review

This show just proves the point that people don’t see celebrities as human beings but as things that can be talked about, gossiped about, even if it makes them head to an early grave.

Caroline Flack was a British TV presenter who was most famously known for The X Factor and Love Island. She came into some controversy when she had a physical altercation with her boyfriend at the time and was charged with assault.

Her world came crashing down around her as, not only did the British press start hounding her over these allegations, but the British public also started to berate her on social media.

We see in this documentary that she had many highs and lows in her life and unfortunately it seems, while the fame was very exciting and good for the most part, it came with some terrible side-effects, and being in the public eye it seemed wasn’t something that Caroline was ever fully equipped to be able to handle. It seemed from the get go of her career the British tabloids had it out for her.

From her relationship to Prince Harry where they treated her as a slut for her endeavours in life, to her flirting with Harry Styles on The X Factor and his fans coming for her, to even just her being a strong woman who seemed to enjoy life, for whatever reason it seemed to annoy a lot of people on social media.

I think that’s the biggest issue of social media, and as I’ve said about it many times before, everyone feels they have a voice and they have an opinion and because they have this platform they have a right to express their opinion whether it is helpful or not. But degrading a woman just for being alive or having a personality that you don’t like doesn’t mean you then have the right to go online and tell her to kill herself or hope that she loses her job because you can’t stand her. I think it’s especially a problem with fan culture, with Harry Styles a lot of fans came after her just because Harry was theirs in their mind and didn’t like the competition.

I feel a big part of this comes down to the British press as well and how she was written about in it. Of course peoples’ perceptions are going to be skewed by how the press view you, and so for the press to constantly be bringing her down and treating her as this promiscuous individual when really she was just trying to live her life as normal as any other person, really tainted her in the British eye and for no good reason.

I feel Caroline Flack was a force to be reckoned with. She was strong and independent but she was still human and had her Demons and had her softer side. She portrayed herself as this happy and bubbly person that was full of energy and light, but using that amount of energy will come back to bite you and unfortunately it seems that in her dark times they were very dark, and while she had super highs she also have very low lows.

The saving grace we can take from this whole situation is that from the people who talked about her in the documentary they said she was so full of love and happiness and she was someone that deserve the love and happiness back, and so while her years on this earth were shorter than most what she bought to it shook a generation.

I really feel people on social media need to look at themselves and think about what their sharing online and how this could affect other people, because we’re all humans, and if you think you have complex emotions think about how complex the emotions of someone in the public eye being berated every other day must have too. If the words that you’re putting online would hurt you or would hurt someone that you love why would you say it about someone that you don’t know? I think it’s disgusting that people can hide behind a screen and feel like they can say anything and have no repercussions, when really, you could say these people that were tweeting these things played a part in her death and should be held accountable for that.

This documentary is very insightful into who Caroline was and how horrible it was that her life was cut so short, so quickly. She didn’t deserve what happened to her and I think it’s such a shame that even now if you go on Twitter or Facebook it seems no one has learnt their lesson of ‘words can hurt people’. In some ways words can hurt more than physical violence because they fester and stay with you. Even if people are telling you that you’re great those little words saying that you should kill yourself will always win in the end.

What do you think of Caroline Flack?

Until next time.

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