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Should You Watch the Irregulars?

I was really worried this show would be another subpar teenage drama and thankfully I was very surprised.

The Irregulars follows a group of poor teenagers in London during the era of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes plays a big part in the show but is definitely a side character while the main characters are the teenagers that we follow. However one of these teenagers that is part of this group is from a wealthy family and this adds a different dynamic to the whole scenario.

In the first episode the kids are hired by 221b to try and work out why babies are being stolen from their beds by crows and other birds. The interesting thing with this version of Sherlock compared to other versions of Sherlock Holmes that I’ve watched before is that this has some supernatural elements to it that I really think added to the storyline, but the supernatural parts still made sense in the era that the show is set.

Throughout this episode we see the group’s dynamic change and see who is the top dog of the group and also how the group manage each other. But the overall storyline of the babies being stolen is very interesting and I did not expect it to go down the route that it did. By the end of the episode there were moments in this episode that teased future happenings that could be coming up within the series, and it’s definitely made me want to continue watching to find out what these were.

What I found fascinating and a slight spoiler if you don’t want to hear, is that the main baddie of this episode had a tragic backstory. He had a reason to be the way he was and while it could’ve gone down the whole Marvel route of ‘he’s just bad because he’s bad’ this guy had a lot more depth to him and with only being in the episode for about a quarter of it he added a lot to it and you really felt for him.

Spoiler over. I found this episode really intriguing, it had a lot of layers to it and definitely made me want to continue watching to see what happens in the season.

I am also intrigued to see where the group go with their dynamic and what love interests the story may bring along, as they have already hinted at some. I also find the supernatural element of the show really fascinating are different to Sherlock adaptations that I have seen before and I hope that it wasn’t just a one time thing in the first episode but this will continue on as the show progresses.

If you like Victorian era dramas with a bit more spice to them and of course enjoy the Sherlock Holmes books and adaptations then I’m sure this one will be right up your street. It’s definitely something different but I feel with something as adaptable as Sherlock Holmes that isn’t a bad thing, and I’m very intrigued to see how they keep this interest up throughout the season. I just hope it doesn’t fall flat.

Will you be watching The Irregulars?

Until next time.

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