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Cerebrum Review

Although I felt this movie was too long I enjoyed it for the most part.

Cerebrum follows Tom, a man who needs to make some extra money to pay his rent. He signs up to be a guinea pig in a home made lab where an older man is trying to create data from your brain so that you can implant that data into other people, and you can essentially live through their bodies.

Things take a sinister turn however when Tom is seen committing a crime that he cannot remember and now he must find out what really happened. What is the main reason behind this man creating these experiments to harness your memories? And what could this mean for humanity itself?

This movie was really fascinating. There was the main plot which obviously has the protagonist, the antagonist, and all of the drama and excitement throughout it. However there was also an underlying subplot of memories and family and making the most of your life while you’re still alive, and this part was the more interesting bit to me.

Of course action and excitement is always going to keep you engaged but having this plot of a family torn by a tragedy that happened to someone who did not deserve it and was too young to go through it, and then realising what life really means with trying to create these databases of memories was quite a sweet and sincere watch. It did make me well up a bit and think about the people in my life too.

I didn’t expect that from this movie. I knew it would be interesting and something that I would enjoy but that sweet subplot really touched me in a way that I did not expect. But I really appreciated it and I feel, while this movie can be sold as a crime excitement thriller, I think the soft moments in it are so much more prevalent and prominent than the overarching storyline.

Now as I said before this movie does drag on a bit, it is two hours long, but it is still a good watch. I wish it was a bit shorter and so we could get more to the main plot points quicker but the way that it ended I really appreciated, and the moments within it I appreciated too. It’s not a movie that I would run back to watch immediately, but it’s definitely one that if people are into these sort of sci-fi films I would definitely recommend, because it’s something different that gets you thinking about your life and the people around you as well.

Cerebrum is available on demand from the 4th of May and if you want to check it out I highly recommend you do. It’s an interesting story and makes you wonder about the future of technology and how that can affect not only the future of humanity but you personally too.

Are you planning on watching Cerebrum?

Until next time.

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