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Area 51: The CIA’s Secret Review

So are there really aliens in Area 51?

Area 51 seems to have started its life as an air base to create a plane that could fight against the Soviets and not be detected by radar and missiles etc.

It was quite funny that the way they were able to build this plane to fight the Soviets was by using Soviet metal. But over time area 51 became something much more sinister, at least in the eyes of the public anyway.

Now it’s no surprise when you’re working with the army and air force things have to be kept very secret and so a lot of the time these planes and vehicles were being tested and run and used no one else could know about them, and it seems this is where the thought of UFOs began.

To an everyday citizen these flying objects were UFOs, they were an unidentified flying object because normal people are not meant to know what they are. These are for war that need to be created in the US’s eyes to beat their enemy, and if you’re going to create a plane you can’t not test it, you have to make sure that it can travel the speed that you want and that it is undetectable by radar. The only way to test the aircraft is to fly it and so for people to think they were UFOs, in a way yes they were, but also they are not alien.

Now of course this documentary is on Disney+ and there’s plenty of speculation around Disney itself so how can we really know what it’s telling us is true? Now these files that have come out about these aircrafts are from the 50s and 60s and make sense and probably did happen, but that does not mean that the same thing isn’t happening now.

It’s interesting that area 51 has a no-fly zone, it’s interesting that it’s so heavily guarded, and it’s interesting that back only a few decades ago they could shoot on sight if they saw someone trying to enter their base. There’s clearly a lot of secrets being held at this facility and you do have to wonder: are they making these aircrafts better by using technology that isn’t our own?

Do I believe there are aliens in area 51? It’s a possibility of course, it’s a possibility that any secret bunker or area could have aliens. How can you believe that in an infinite universe we are the only beings that are alive? How can the planet Earth be the only planet with inhabitants? It makes no sense and so while I do believe there are aliens out there, whether we have contacted them or whether we have their ships being held in area 51, that’s is a whole different story and maybe one we will find out one day.

What do you think area 51 is hiding?

Until next time.

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