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Fright Night Review

When early noughties teen comedies meets horror, this movie was not what I expected.

Fright Night follows a guy called Charley who lives in a suburban area and has a pretty normal life, going to school with his friends and his girlfriend. However this all changes when students start to go missing and it’s revealed that there are vampires hanging around.

Now I thought this movie was crazy when Colin Farrell popped up being a vampire, but then McLovin popped up and was his usual great self, and then David Tennant turned up too and I knew this would be an absolutely fantastic movie, and I was not disappointed. It may have gone on a bit too long in some parts but the casting was spot-on and it was such a fun experience.

As I said to start with this feels very much like those early teen comedies like American Pie and Superbad but with a horror twist in it. So while there were a lot of funny moments, there was a lot of darker, quite scary moments too that I really appreciated. It had the perfect balance between comedy and fear and when you realise that the man who wrote this story, Tom Holland, is also the man who directed Child’s Play and the original Fright Night, you can see how well he understands the genre and really has fun with it.

I especially enjoyed the way that the vampires were presented as something that was quite classic and traditional with the wooden stakes and being invited into houses but gave it a modern twist with how they looked and and how they transformed into their vampire selves. I’ve watched a few different vampire movies from Lost Boys to Twilight and this was definitely a good vampire film that I could really sink my teeth into…if you pardon the pun.

I also found each moment in the movie had purpose and was enjoyable to watch, especially seeing Charley just trying to be a normal teenager and suddenly being thrust into this world of craziness. I quite like that sort of coming-of-age teen comedy horror genre that this had and seeing it come from 2011 which was a high time for these sorts of movies definitely fit into that crazy world perfectly.

If you haven’t seen Fright Night or are into these sort of creature feature films that have a bit more comedy than horror then I highly recommend this one. It’s a brilliant film with a lot of layers to it and I think the casting choices were spot-on. Every person suited who they were playing magnificently and I’m so glad that the people working on this film understood what sort of film they were bringing to the big screen, as it just fit perfectly together, like a scary comedic puzzle.

What do you think of Fright Night?

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