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Love and Monsters Review

I did not expect this movie to make me cry as much as it did.

Love and Monsters follows Joel, a young man who has been living in a colony of other people for seven years because the world was ravaged by monsters that killed off 95% of the population. Just before Joel had this terrible twist of fate happen to him he had a girlfriend called Aimee who sadly he had to leave behind when all this happened.

Seven years has passed and he has been able to contact Aimee again and he decides to take the mission to travel over 80 miles to her colony to finally be reunited with her. Now, of course this journey is very treacherous, and at the start of the movie we see that he is an underling, he is not someone who is courageous and brave but is someone who is still learning and no one expects him to be able to complete this perilous journey.

Throughout the movie we see him battle with monsters up on the surface and we also see him make friends with other strangers who are trying to get to new colonies. In the end we finally see what has happened to Aimee through the seven years and what this whole journey has really taught Joel in the long run.

This film is a great motivational piece about not staying in your comfort zone and if you really want something you have to go out there into the big scary world to get it. Of course you have the sci-fi elements of the monsters which I absolutely love, these monsters looked incredible, but you also had the fear of just the unknown anyway. Even though we don’t have monsters in our world, we can still take a few of the learnings from this movie and implement them into our lives.

These monsters in a way kind of reminded me of the ones from the SpongeBob SquarePants movie and now that I have thought of that I can’t unsee it. But I really love the thought that some of these monsters were bad and some were nice and some were misunderstood, and it even turns out that some of the biggest monsters that Joel had to face were the humans themselves. It was a fantastic tale that let you know that you’re going to have to do a lot of growing to be able to get through this journey, but what you get out of it on the other side is always worth it.

I mainly decided to watch this film because I heard a lot of hype around it, but actually finishing it I am so glad that I did take the time to watch it because it’s a fantastic film. It’s action adventure that the whole family can enjoy, but also has moments for an adult only audience too. There is comedy and adventure which is always enjoyable, there is horror with jump scares of the monsters, and it’s just a plethora of enjoyment in the space of an hour and fifty minutes.

I also feel every part of this movie is valid. There are some moments that are a bit slower, but it gives you more exposition of what’s going on, and then there are quicker moments that really get your heart racing! I highly recommend this film regardless of your age, I feel anyone from children to adults could enjoy this film for different reasons and it’s definitely one that I would happily watch again.

What did you think of Love and Monsters?

Until next time.

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