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Curve Review

This was not the movie I expected it to be.

Curve follows a woman called Mallory whose fiancée’s car that she is driving alone in breaks down and a kind man called Christian, which now I realise that is his name is quite interesting seeing as I thought he reminded me of Christian from Fifty Shades of Grey, helps her fix it.

Mallory offers to give him a lift to his next stop and this is when he becomes very creepy and Mallory decides the only way that she can get away from this man is by running her car off the road.

However this backfires for Mallory and she ends up trapped in this car with the hitchhiker, who managed to get out somehow, taunting her over the next few days. It’s a very interesting tale especially when you compare it to things like Saw, where you’re stuck in one position and the whole storyline and excitement revolves around that.

As I said this movie wasn’t the one that I expected it to be. I thought it would be much more about the road trip and the journey, so to have the whole film basically happen in a totalled car with Mallory stuck in there was really fascinating. It reminded me of Gerald‘s Game where there was a lot of talking, a lot of intricate pieces, and while Mallory was just trying to survive being stuck in this situation she also had to try and survive this hitchhiker who you never knew what he was going to do next.

This movie was interesting. I won’t say it was the most compelling but it always kept me on the edge of my seat and wonder what was going to happen next. Christian’s behaviour seemed so sporadic and weird, I didn’t really understand why he was doing this to Mallory, but at the same time I could see how he felt that he was in control of her because he was the only one that knew she was there. Scenes where you see him with other characters that could’ve helped Mallory were really interesting, and while there were the usual horror tropes in this that I hate, like running upstairs and not turning your phone on silent, it still made for a very good movie.

I haven’t seen a movie done like this before where there is a car crash and someone stuck in it and they have to find a way out while also being tormented by outside things. It was a really interesting new concept to me and it’s definitely one that I would welcome into more films in the future. I think you really get to understand who Mallory is and the choices that she has made and you kind of wonder what you would do in that situation too.

This isn’t your classic horror movie. I was concerned it was going to be a bit of a low-budget horror that I’ve seen popping up on Netflix a lot recently but thankfully as the movie progressed it didn’t become that. I would definitely recommend it and I would love to know what you think too.

Until next time.

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