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100 Candles Review

This was a really enjoyable, different type of movie.

100 Candles follows a group of friends who are playing a game where they have to tell each other horror stories in front of a mirror by candlelight and each candle represents a different story.

This movie really reminded me of Ghost Stories which had a similar sort of premise where it wasn’t just a movie following one tale but was following a bunch of tales that were kind of related to one another.

The stories that we saw in 100 Candles were really fascinating and what I absolutely loved about this film was that the horror wasn’t obvious. There were moments that I was quite shocked with what the short story was because of the twist it had. It was a fantastic movie in the fact that you had the overarching storyline which was interesting in itself but then each of the short stories that had these little twists and some of them were just really interesting and really added another level to the movie as a whole.

I feel this movie is definitely one of those hidden gems. It’s a film you may not immediately think to watch because it may be that sort of genre or type of horror that doesn’t really intrigue you but watching it and seeing the short horror stories that were involved in it just added extra elements, yes it’s marketed as a supernatural horror, but it’s so much more than that and I really enjoyed it.

This film is being released throughout the US and Canada on May 18th and I really recommend you watch it if you have the chance to. I definitely feel it’s one of those films that you may not have heard of and you may think ‘I’m not sure about watching it’ but once you do you’ll understand why I enjoy it so much. I really wish as well that some of the short stories that were in it could be evolved a bit more because some of them were so fantastic that I just wanted to watch them as their own film too. It’s one of those horror movies that is definitely hidden away and a lot of people should watch it especially if the horror genre is one of your favourites.

If you see 100 Candles let me know what you think!

Until next time.

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