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Premonition Review

I was really enjoying this movie up until the final second…

Premonition follows a woman who finds out that her husband has been killed in a car accident, but then she wakes up the next day and he is still alive. Throughout this movie we seen that the whole week leading up to her husband dying is no longer in order and she has to be able to fit the puzzle pieces together to be able to save his life.

I really enjoyed this movie. It reminded me of Groundhog Day but happened over a week instead of just a singular day. Watching this woman try to work out what’s going on and how to save her husband was fascinating especially as more and more details came to light and you started to realise what was going to happen.

But this movie also gets you thinking about your loved ones and being able to say goodbye. We see in the film when Linda, the woman, finds out her husband has died she never got those final moments with him and yet as the movie goes on we realise that she did and it’s so bittersweet knowing that he is still dead but she was able to talk to him one more time, tell him that she loved him, and say goodbye properly.

That was until the very end and spoilers ahead, I kind of get where they were going with this whole ‘in death breathes new life’ but right at the end for no reason at all we find out that Linda is pregnant. Her and her husband already had two daughters but now she is pregnant with her dead husband’s baby and I felt personally it didn’t really add much to the story. I thought what happened with her husband dying and Linda being able to get some closure with that and working out all the little pieces was really interesting and a really good story but adding this final moment just soured it for me.

I would personally rather the film end either at the point that it did with her moving into a new home with her daughters or with the car crash it self because that was such a prominent moment and it was so sad to see, but also brings full circle the events that were happening. In the first few moments you find out that her husband has died and then in the last moments you finally get to see what actually happened and it’s such a good moment to complete the whole story and move on, but unfortunately it seems the directors didn’t want to go down that route and they added in the random pregnancy for no reason in my opinion.

This is a really good movie especially if you’re into mysterious puzzles that you have to work out along with the characters. It definitely gets you thinking about your own family too and being able to let them know that you love them and that if anything were to happen suddenly at least they knew that you cared for them, because there’s nothing worse in this world than words that go unsaid.

What do you think of Premonition?

Until next time.

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