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Ma Review

Is this the best anti-bullying campaign out there?

Ma follows a group of high schoolers who one night want to go out and get drunk, and they ask a woman if she will buy them alcohol as they are underage, she does and also offers them a place to have a party…which is her basement.

Time goes on and we soon realise that Ma has a deeper agenda to what she’s doing with these children. It turns out that she was bullied by their parents in school and is now seeking revenge.

This movie was really interesting and did not go where I expected. It had so many layers to it and as things happened and were revealed you realise just how twisted this woman is, but you can’t blame her, being bullied is such a horrible thing…but to hold a grudge for so many years is pretty psychotic.

This movie just puts into practice stranger danger and how you shouldn’t trust people, especially random women who will let you drink underage knowing it’s illegal, in her house. But I really enjoyed it and it had a lot of things going for it that really created this character of Ma.

In a way it reminded me of Misery with this psychotic person manipulating the people around her to get what she wants out of the situation. As the movie escalated it became more and more far-fetched, but at the same time, I can believe that some people would go as far as this to seek revenge like she did.

The biggest shock for me was seeing the male genitalia that we did. I did not expect that at all! I actually had to rewind it to watch again to be completely sure that it actually happened, but it just added to the level of crazy, and while this movie wasn’t the scariest it was definitely the most edge of your seat exciting. It really gave the bad guy a back story that did have you rooting for her and feeling sorry for her even for just a minute.

I definitely recommend this movie as it has such an interesting tale and so many layers to it. You really get to understand the characters on a deeper level so you feel for all of them, and it’s just a fascinating story about how far people will go to get revenge on what happened to them in the past, and how your actions even if you don’t see them as that bad when you’re a child can have major consequences in the future.

What do you think of Ma?

Until next time.

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