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The Dog House Review

A brilliant show to watch if you want something light.

The Dog House follows a dog rehoming centre where cameras have been installed in to, to show us the everyday ins and outs of dog adoption, and it’s very sweet.

In each episode we meet three households who are looking for their forever furry friend, and we get to see them being set up on a blind date with a dog that the shelter thinks is a good fit for them, and at the end we get to see whether that dog got its forever home or not. You will get instantly attached to these animals so if you’re not up for a good cry then I would not recommend it.

Shows like this just bring to the forefront how important it is to adopt and not shop when it comes to pets. So many animals need a home and spending thousands on a pet just because it’s designer or from a puppy farm or pedigree is often the worst way to go. You need to love these animals like they’re part of your family so if you’re buying something just for looks then that’s wrong in my eyes.

What I loved about the show though is how they gave a new life to Staffordshire bull terriers. Now staffies have always been known to have a bit of a reputation, but that’s more a look at their owners than the actual dogs, the dogs are in fact called Nanny dogs because they’re so good with children and other pets however people like them for dogfighting and as a status symbols. So I’m so glad this show put such an emphasis on how sweet natured and how lovely these dogs are because they do deserve the same love as any other dog.

This show definitely gets you thinking about what sort of pet you’d like in the future, if you do want one. Watching it there were a few different breeds that really stood out to me and made me think about what I could have if I had a little home with a garden and a little furry friend to keep me company. This show is one you can easily binge watch and enjoy over a weekend or a week and it’s lovely to see where these animals end up in their lives and how, when they’re in a home with their owners, they’re so happy.

If you want to watch this show get ready for some tears, and get a glass of wine and some chocolate, because it’s very heartwarming and sweet but it’s also heartbreaking knowing that most of these animals have gone through hardship and really they deserve nothing but love.

What do you think of The Dog House?

Until next time.

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