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Top 10 Reviews – May 2021

Ah May, the month of warmer weather, lighter evenings, and lots of reviews! Let’s see what you’ve been loving this month…

Knots: A Forced Marriage Story

A screener I was sent on the topic of forced marriages and child marriages in America. It’s a very insightful look at something that is far too often swept under the rug.

The Italian Job 2003

A really good remake that uses a lot of modernised elements to bring the classic movie to life once again for a fresh new audience.

100 Candles

Another screener that was absolutely fascinating to me. This film reminded me of Ghost Stories, but I do wish that some of the short stories that were included could be made into their own feature films.


This movie was not what I expected but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s one of those films that you go in expecting one thing and come out realising the way it went was so much better than you could’ve thought of. A horror that I highly recommend.

Why Did You Kill Me?

Unfortunately one of the less great crime documentaries to come from Netflix. It’s still an interesting tale but definitely doesn’t have the same punch as others.

Things Heard and Seen

A film I thoroughly enjoyed right up until the last moment when the style of the film changed and it did not fit the rest of the film for me, although it’s still an enjoyable watch, just a shame about the ending.

Only Mine

I film that shook me to the core and honestly triggered me quite a bit, but it’s a very important film to watch to understand abuse in relationships and how it’s not always physical. Check out my YouTube video on my channel, coming Friday, to learn more about it.

Three Families

A very interesting look at Northern Ireland views on abortion and following three families who have to go through it for different reasons. This is a very rant-y post about the abortion law and also includes my own connection to abortion and why being pro-choice is so important to me.


I love the premise of this film and I love the idea behind it but the actual film itself just fell short for me. In this review I talk about how it could’ve been a better and how those two hours could’ve been used to create a story that could’ve been so much more.

The Strangers

A horror movie that I absolutely hated. This is another rant post about how frustrating the characters were, how the story didn’t make much sense, and how it left me with more questions than answers. I’d love to know what your thoughts are on this movie.

Thank you for an absolutely incredible month of May! I can’t wait to see what June brings…

Until next time.

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