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Marriage or Mortgage Review

I was really intrigued by this show and watching it I still think I’d pick mortgage every time.

Marriage or Mortgage follows a different couple every episode who have either the money for their dream wedding or the money for a down payment on a house. These couples work with a wedding planner and a real estate agent to look at things that they want for their dream wedding or house and at the end they can only have one and have to decide whether they go for the house or the big day.

I found it really fascinating watching this show, not only from being nosy about wedding ideas (even though I’m not getting married any time soon!) or looking at all the houses that you can get in America, but also how the couples went in terms of what they picked. I found it interesting that most of the couples chose the wedding and I wondered how they came to that decision, when you think about what will better you in the future not only with your life but also financially.

They spoke a lot, because the show is set in Nashville, that the housing market is only going to go up in certain areas that are becoming more popular with buyers, and so if they buy now they are in with a better chance of getting a better deal then if they wait to buy in the future. Yet this didn’t translate to a lot of the couples and they’d rather spend up to say $30,000 on their wedding rather than putting it down on a 2500 ft.² house that’s value will only go up in the future.

Watching this I don’t think I realised just how expensive weddings can be. Of course it’s up to you with how much you want to spend and how many people you want there, but it’s really interesting how much you can end up spending on just one day. Yes, it is one of the most important days of your lives (if you really believe in the whole wedding and union etc), but at the end of the day it’s still just one day and I think if I’m marrying the love of my life I’ll be happy marrying him in a rugby club house and not having the grand Manor estate that I truly want just because I’m marrying them and that’s all that matters to me.

That was the sad thing about some of the marriages as well. Due to the show being filmed just before Covid they were able to plan their dream wedding but then Covid hit and unfortunately some of the couples were unable to have their dream wedding because of the pandemic. I think it’s such a shame that they missed out on something so special but were still able to make it work with what they wanted, but I do think in terms of the show, it would’ve been fantastic to see the crazy weddings that they were planning and to see what really could’ve been.

I also would’ve loved to see more rich people on the show. A lot of the couples had the same sort of money and, while they were looking for different things, it was all around the same ballpark. But if someone came in with, for example, $70,000 to either put on a wedding or put as a down payment on a mansion I think it would be so much fun to watch and just absolutely insane.

I really enjoyed this show. It can get quite repetitive because each episode is the same storyline just with different people, but it was really fun to watch and it definitely got me thinking about my future and houses and weddings and what I’d really want from those experiences in my life.

Do you think you’d choose the wedding day or the dream house?

Until next time.

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