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The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It Review

I have love and hate issues with The Conjuring cinematic universe. The original Conjuring films are brilliant, the spin-offs not so much, so seeing as this may be the final in the trilogy I think it was a really good ending.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It follows a boy called Arne who is on trial for killing his landlord, however he pleads not guilty by reason of daemonic possession. In the real trial it seems that this was thrown out immediately and they didn’t even bother giving evidence, however in the movie we get to see Ed and Lorraine Warren mounting evidence to support this theory for the trial and save Arne from the death penalty.

I absolutely love crime documentaries and crime dramas anyway so having that mixture of horror and crime together was a real delight for me. It had a lot of jump scares and watching in the cinema was quite hard as I was terrified, but interestingly some of the jump scares didn’t scare me as they were supposed to, and some of them were really comedic too. It walked the line of funny over scary but it didn’t ruin the movie for me.

What I didn’t understand was why this one particular character was going after Arne. I don’t really understand her connection with these other characters so that was one plot point that annoyed me a little, but it didn’t ruin the overall story line because, you could say it was just random chance that these people were targeted.

I feel when you look at Annabelle and The Nun those films unfortunately for me were just funny. They didn’t feel scary at all, however this film had the scares in it. I feel interestingly with The Conjuring films we’ve had, those movies are fantastic. I really enjoy them and think they delve into really interesting stories that haven’t been spoken about before, however the spin-offs just didn’t have that same grip for me that made me really intrigued by them.

I highly recommend this movie especially if you love horror movies and have enjoyed The Conjuring movies before. It is a different tale and it does go down a different route with it being more about the crime and the witches and devil worship but I didn’t mind that. I feel if you like that old haunted house style of The Conjuring then this may not be the film for you as it isn’t much haunted house and more haunted people, but it’s still a very enjoyable watch and one that I can see entertaining a huge audience.

I also feel if this is the final movie in The Conjuring trilogy then they did a really good service to it. The ending wrapped it all up together, the story was really interesting, the characters were exciting to watch, and seeing Ed and Lorraine Warren work together and be this really sweet couple that care for each other and everyone that they’re working with was really nice to see on screen and really cemented the trilogy as a great three part series.

What do you think of The Devil Made Me Do It?

Until next time.

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