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Army of the Dead Review

This movie reminded me of Suicide Squad and gave me the impression that this was what Suicide Squad was trying to be.

Army of the Dead follows a group of people who try to commit a heist during a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas. The government are going to bomb the area of the outbreak to eradicate it and so there is a lot of pressure on this group to complete the task they want to before they either die from the bomb, or the zombies get them.

I quite enjoyed the premise of this movie. The thought that it’s an outbreak that only happens in one area and not the whole world was quite interesting, and also what the zombies were like in terms of them seeming to be able to reproduce, having a hierarchy, and also being quite human with the way they moved and acted. It was a different take on them which I really appreciated.

However the overall movie just felt a bit cliché to me and a bit overdone. You had the interesting premise but then as you got to know the characters more and more you realise that their stories were just stories we have already heard from other zombie movies. The father/daughter relationship that had gone stale because of what happened, the people who had lost other people, the cliché characters of ‘this is what Millennials would be like in a crisis’ it was all very overdone.

I just didn’t feel like I connected with this movie very much. I saw so many people online rave about it and talk about how great it was and I just didn’t have the same opinion. it was perfectly fine and an enjoyable watch for the most part, but it did drag on quite a bit and it also didn’t inspire me too much. I don’t know whether this movie was meant to be scary or was meant to be funny, but the overall feeling from this film was just underwhelming.

If you enjoy zombie movies maybe you’ll enjoy this one. Maybe it’s me, and I’m part of a bracket that doesn’t enjoy these movies as much as others, but for all the hype and the excitement around it to sitting down and actually watching it I just expected so much more. To me it was something that we’ve all seen before being done again and again and really I don’t think it deserves all the praise that it ended up getting.

What do you think of Army of the Dead?

Until next time.

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