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Superstore Season Three Review

I won’t lie, the more I watch this show the better it seems to get.

I feel this season had the most going on in terms of the three that I have watched so far. This one included Amy‘s divorce, but also finding out that she is pregnant and having to deal with the fact that she is pregnant with a child that came from a guy that she no longer wants to be with. As well as battling her crush on Jonah and the fact that Jonah now has a girlfriend too, and how he battles between working with the girl that he is dating and the girl that he probably truly loves.

There was a lot going on in the season that really kept my attention including Dina having Glenn’s baby which was a really interesting plot point I did not expect and how she is dealing with pregnancy in her own unique way. Matteo going through the turmoil of being an illegal alien and not knowing who he can trust or what he can do. I found that the characters are becoming better versions of themselves, from the first season they were very much caricatures but now there is so much more depth to them.

This season is definitely the best season I have watched so far because there was so much going on, but the 22 episodes didn’t feel like they dragged too much. Yes there are of course episodes where it was quite filler and not a lot happened for the overall storyline but I feel now that the show does have an overall storyline, it isn’t just the Amy / Jonah romance, there is so much more to get your teeth into and enjoy that it makes the show so much easier to watch. If you don’t like a certain storyline there’s plenty of others that I’m sure you will.

Much like season two the final episode in season three is another episode that had a very interesting moment that does get me excited for season four, but now that it has almost come full circle with Amy and Jonah I do wonder how they’ll keep my interest in season four. Yes things will always be interesting because of the multiple babies and work relationships but to lose your ace card which was their romance and make it be a thing now kind of loses some of the magic for me.

Hopefully season four will prove me wrong.

What do you think of Superstore Season Three?

Until next time.

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