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Criminal U.K. Julia Review

The first episode of season two! And I won’t lie, this was not as strong as season one, in my eyes anyway.

Julia’s story follows a woman called Julia being interrogated as her husband has been convicted for committing some awful murders against young men. But things take a turn however when Julia starts talking about details that are not public thus changing her from the killer’s wife, to possibly the killer herself.

This episode’s interesting element is that she was brought in on a Sunday just for a pretty casual chat so the other officers have to be brought in one by one on their day off. This shows a different dynamic to the force and definitely humanises them a lot more.

It’s fascinating to see how Julia’s manner and how she speaks to the interrogator change once she is suspected of being the murderer, however once the pieces start to fit together it does become quite obvious that she should’ve been a suspect from the start anyway with how she was with her husband and these young men.

Like I said at the start, this wasn’t the most jaw-dropping exciting episode ever but it was still a strong one and I liked how the show has managed to keep things different and interesting each episode. There has been no proper repeats as of yet in terms of interrogation style or crime and that’s really what is drawing me in at this time.

I am excited to see where the rest of season two goes.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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