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Lupin Part 2 Review

I have waited so long for this! To see my first Lupin review click here.

Lupin Part Two continues on from where we left off with Assane‘s son being kidnapped and Assane having to hunt him down to save him. I won’t lie, the first episode absolutely blew me away and I did not expect what happened.

As the series continues we see Assane fight against the Pellegrinis to get justice for his father, as well as trying to evade the police as a gentleman thief. I really enjoyed these different storylines all intertwining and changing and keeping the interest of the whole piece, because there was so much going on that you didn’t really have time to stop and get bored, it constantly kept you engaged and I really appreciated that.

I feel this series has a lot going for it, it’s fantastically interesting, constantly fast paced and continuously moves the story along, but you also get moments where you see certain things happen and you wonder how that will play into the storyline later on. Especially with the catacombs, I thought that inclusion was really interesting and I love little hidden gems like that where at the time it seems like a pointless inclusion, but then later on it makes so much sense.

I feel from how strong the first series of Lupin was this could’ve not held up as well against it, but I think it just escalated the story more and elevated what we enjoyed about the first season. Watching the cops get closer to Assane was really exciting to watch and seeing them piece things together, as well as his relationship with the mother of his child and his friends as well was all really enjoyable.

I cannot recommend this show highly enough. It’s come out of the blue and it blew me away with how great it is. The actors are brilliant, the performances are great, there isn’t a dull moment where you wish this part would end so you could get back to another part you enjoy more, and I just feel that really brings a different style to the world of TV shows.

I feel far too often we get bogged down with the standard American TV shows that when something from a different country comes in to the forefront and blows up you really get to see how much choice we have out there. We shouldn’t just stick to English speaking media but push our boundaries out to enjoy more, because a little thing like a foreign language shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a piece of art that is so good.

I am interested to see what we get with part three of the Lupin series. Part of me feels it’s not needed and I quite liked how this part ended. But of course I will be watching to see if it does still hold up as good as these two parts have.

What do you think of Lupin Part 2?

Until next time.

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