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Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey Review

Such a fantastic movie with such a dark story.

Believe Me follows the true story of Lisa McVey and her kidnap and rape that lasted 26 hours by Bobby Joe Long in 1984. Interestingly what makes this stand out from other cases like this, was that Bobby was on a murder rampage at the time he kidnapped Lisa, yet he let her live.

In the movie we see that Lisa came from quite a troubled background and so when this happened to her it took her a while to be able to be believed by the people around her. It was quite shocking that some of the people that didn’t believe her were police officers themselves and women. When you think about what women have to go through in their everyday lives because men can be monsters to then have women in a position of power not believe her story, and for it to have to be a man to finally trust in her was quite shocking to watch.

This movie is quite a hard watch because you see all the turmoil that Lisa goes through, and while it’s a great story and that thanks to her they were able to catch this serial killer, she still had to endure so much to get to that point. I think it’s amazing how smart she was in the time that she spent with this man and how she was able to recount so much of it to be able to help the police.

It’s a horrible way of looking at it but, if we teach people ways in which they could plant evidence or ways that they can help investigations by remembering certain details about what they’ve been through then hopefully that would mean that, that person could be caught quicker. It’s wrong that we have to set up a system like that to tell people what to do when these bad things happen to them but these bad things will never end and so in a way you should be prepared for them.

I definitely recommend this movie because it tells you so much about what Lisa went through and how strong she is for going through it. You get to see the real Lisa at the end of the film and who she is and what her life has become since this ordeal and it’s so admirable and I’m so happy that she has been able to get through her life without it holding her back too much.

I think what this also brings to light is the fact that victims need to be believed more. If you’ve been through something horrible everyone will react in a different way and so just because someone is reacting to something in a way that you don’t see as normal that doesn’t mean that it’s fake or a lie. It takes so much courage to admit when you’ve been through a horrible experience and talk about it and relive it, and so the thought that people won’t come forward because they’re scared of what people might think or they have come forward and haven’t been believed is disgusting and no one should have to go through that.

What do you think of the Lisa McVey case?

Until next time.

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