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Yesterday Review

I have never been a fan of The Beatles but I really enjoyed this movie.

Yesterday is a brilliant British film set in a world where suddenly almost all of the population of Earth forget The Beatles ever existed.

Jack is a struggling musician trying to find his voice in the industry when this event occurs, and he is one of the only people who remembers The Beatles and capitalises on this by pretending their songs are his own.

Soon Jack gets recognised because of the songs being so good, and over the film you see him debating against himself with the fact that yes, he’s finally getting everything he wanted, but it’s off someone else’s work.

This movie is incredibly British. It’s that sort of humour that is just stereotypical and it’s a great film despite me not really enjoying The Beatles’ music. I especially loved all the hidden moments of other bands and other brands disappearing as well, it was so funny and clever, and I really enjoyed it. So I feel if you don’t like The Beatles or their music you could enjoy it too.

It really teaches you about integrity and being yourself and realising what’s important in your life. Jack finally was able to gain all the fame and money and excitement that he always wanted, but by using a different band’s music and doing things that he didn’t think were the best for him, but he knew it would make him famous. This also meant he lost out on things that were actually important to him, like his love interest, and it really makes you think what you would do in that situation.

The one part that felt off to me with this movie was when he went to visit John Lennon. Obviously because The Beatles were never a thing but the four band members were still people he was never assassinated, and so Jack was able to visit him in his old age which just seemed a bit awkward to me. I don’t know whether it’s taking someone who is such a symbol and was killed way before their time and turning them into this almost novelty character to tug at your heartstrings but it just didn’t sit right with me. I feel if this movie hadn’t included that part it would’ve still been an incredible movie and wouldn’t have left a sour taste in my mouth.

I really enjoyed this movie and I do recommend it because I feel anyone can enjoy it, but you do have to be in the right mind frame to watch it, because it is quite sickly sweet and there’s a lot of Ed Sheeran and there’s a lot of daft jokes. I feel if you’re not in the right mind frame to deal with that sort of stuff then you’re not going to enjoy it, but I feel it’s a good movie that everyone should watch at some point in their lives.

If this happened in real life and a band or singer suddenly disappeared off the face of the Earth who would that be for you to be able to steal all their songs because you know them off by heart? For me it would definitely be Taylor Swift.

Until next time.

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