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Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

There’s just something about Spider-Man movies that sets them apart from all of the Marvel films, I don’t know whether it’s the fact that Peter Parker is still a kid, but they’re so much more fun.

Spider-Man: Far from Home follows Peter Parker as he adjust to life post Iron Man’s death. He meets a new superhero called Mysterio who he works with to defeat monsters called The Elementals, who bring together the four elements of the world and basically ruin it, however it soon transpires that Mysterio has ulterior motives.

I really enjoyed this movie because Peter Parker goes through a lot of inner turmoil within it. He is just a kid and he wants to have this normal life and tell the girl he loves that he loves her and be just as normal as anyone else, whereas the Spider-Man side of him is pulling him into this world of danger and responsibility and action that he never asked for.

I also love seeing how he dealt with Iron Man’s death and how crushing that must be. He’s already torn between the two worlds to then have his mentor be killed in front of him is just heartbreaking and I can’t imagine being literally a teenager and going through such an emotional rollercoaster like that.

For the movie however it was a really interesting storyline. I really enjoyed the character of Mysterio, he bought something new to the Marvel universe and knowing that he wasn’t all that he seemed was a really fantastic plot point. I also really enjoyed the special effects we saw in the movie and knowing that they were fake in the end made them being a bit simpler and a bit cliche work really well for the story because that’s what Mysterio would have taken inspiration from.

I also enjoyed the normal side of this movie. Seeing Ned get a girlfriend and have a summer love and how Peter Parker is trying to keep his classmates away from harm was really interesting. I liked how it had moments of just a normal teen comedy that you would see in any movie with this superhero genre thrown in too. It’s a perfect amalgamation between the two of a simple summer love story coming-of-age teen and ‘oh my god I’m now a superhero, what do I do?’.

Maybe it’s because Spider-Man was the first superhero movie I ever watched as a kid but the franchise always has a soft spot in my heart and I feel Tom Holland is such a brilliant Spider-Man because he brings all the elements of the character together, with the way that he looks quite young so fits the school-age well but also has enough maturity in him to be able to carry the responsibility of being a superhero. And the end credits scene with Spider-Man‘s identity being revealed really intrigues me and I can’t wait to see where that goes. It also reminds me that I need to catch up with all the Marvel films I haven’t yet watched – looking at you Captain Marvel and Ant Man and The Wasp.

Overall I would recommend this movie, especially if you enjoy superhero movies, but even if you just want a fun action comedy it’s definitely that too. I feel with Spider-Man even though he is part of the Marvel cinematic universe you could almost watch him as his own entity if you really wanted to because his story holds up so well as its own thing, whereas movies like Thor or The Hulk almost work a bit better when they’re integrated with the other characters.

What do you think of Spider-Man: Far From Home?

Until next time.

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