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Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal Review

Isn’t it mad that in a world where colleges and universities are so important for certain jobs that you can easily buy your way in if you don’t get the grades?

The college admission scandal was a big frenzy that came to light about a guy called Rick Singer who, for the right price, could get rich peoples’ kids into their chosen school.

Now everyone knows about the back door of schooling: if you have enough money to give to that school as donations then they may bump your kids chance of getting a place. However Rick Singer saw his door as the side door, which not as many people know about, where he could fake them being in certain sports teams to up their chances of getting into certain colleges, and if you paid him enough money he could almost make it certain that you would get in.

It’s absolutely insane the amount of people that got caught doing this and got caught getting their kids into their preferred school. What does that really say about our education system? What does that really say about these kids going onto prestigious jobs just because they went to Yale or Harvard? Especially if these kids did not deserve it, why should they be taking the chances away from someone else who may come from a poorer background?

It’s a fascinating look at how money makes the world go round. Money is the be all and end all of everything and it’s the most important thing in this capitalistic western world that we live in. People should get jobs and university placements and careers based on their intelligence, their integrity, their experience and not on how much their parents are able to pay them to get in. It’s absolutely disgusting that rich people have so many more benefits from life than their poorer counterparts and how unfair and unjust that is.

Of course the one that made all this go off was Olivia Jade who was found out to be given a spot at her chosen college that her parents paid extortionate amounts for even though Olivia, who was a YouTuber at the time, said that she didn’t really care about school and didn’t want to go anyway.

Olivia lost a lot of her sponsorships, she had make up lines with different brands that were axed because of this scandal, and her parents did jail time because of it too. Not much mind you, but at least they did serve something for what they did.

This documentary is a fascinating tale telling you all about how it was done, why it was done, and what happened to these people. It’s so fascinating to watch and I highly recommend it if you know about the scandal but don’t really know much about what actually happened. It really gave me more insight into the inner workings of what was going on and how it was able to happen as well, because it’s absolutely mad that people can pay to get into certain places and how no one bats an eyelid because that’s just the way it is.

What do you think about the scandal?

Until next time.

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