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Penguin Town Review

I never thought I would get this invested in penguins.

Penguin Town follows a group of penguins that go to a town in South Africa called Simon‘s Town where they find a mate and raise their chicks until they head out into the ocean again.

In the docu-series we follow many couples that are dealing with different situations. There is one couple who have been together for seven years and have returned to have yet more children, but one day the female penguin does not return and the male penguin has to raise his chicks alone. We have a couple who are newlyweds who are ready for their first batch of babies, yet they choose a storm drain to have them and this has dyer consequences. And finally we have the car park gang who are adolescent penguins that are not ready to find a mate yet and just want to cause carnage.

I didn’t realise I could hate a group of penguins as much as I hated the car park gang! The fact that they terrorised these poor babies and these penguins just because they were bored was horrible to watch and every time they popped up on my screen I would get so annoyed.

It’s really fascinating seeing how human like these penguins are. We constantly look at animals as a lesser species but in fact the way they were acting and the way that they were treating their young and even helping the young head to the ocean when they’re old enough to do so was so like a parent watching the kids go off to uni and was very touching.

It really makes you think about these animals and what they go through and how really they’re not that different to us. Yes we have capitalism and money but they have love and affection and a drive to keep their species alive and produce babies that will continue their legacy. It’s a really sweet show to watch and you do get attached to these penguins and everything they go through.

This is a very easy binge watchable show. It’s only eight episodes and they’re only half an hour each and almost every episode ends on a cliffhanger so you have to keep watching to find out what happens next. I definitely feel having these penguins live somewhere where it’s summertime, it’s hot, it’s sunny, and not in the middle of a snow setting is really interesting to see how they adapt to that and what trials they come to face by choosing these conditions to have their children.

I highly recommend this show especially if you’re looking for a nature documentary with a bit of a twist. You really get to connect with these animals on a different level then say watching them in a David Attenborough documentary because you literally follow them for the whole series and really get to see what they go through from start to finish. It’s absolutely fantastic and it also makes a change from traditional nature documentaries that we normally see as it is quite tongue in cheek, quite fun, and just gives you an even deeper insight into what penguins go through to keep their species alive.

What do you think of Penguin Town?

Until next time.

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