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Top 10 Reviews – June 2021

June was a fantastic month for me and not just because I turned 26 but also the fact that this little website grew 48% year on year! Let’s see what your favourite reviews of the month were…

Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey

This is a fantastic film based on the true story of Lisa McVey’s abduction by a serial killer who, for whatever reason, decided to let her live. I highly recommend it.

Accused: A Mother On Trial

The sad story of Ashley, a woman who had to choose between her daughter and her husband and her newborn baby, this is an emotional one.

Olly Alexander is the Next Doctor Who?!

With all the speculation around Olly Alexander I had to have a look at what I thought could be one of the most exciting changes to Doctor Who in recent years, and how he would be the perfect successor to Jodie Whittaker.


A really cute film that you can enjoy whether you like The Beatles or not. It’s very British, so if you don’t like standard British humour or Ed Sheeran you may not enjoy this one.

Bo Burnham: Inside

One of the most creative pieces to come out of 2021 so far. Bo Burnham is always incredible and this show is no different, I have been listening to the soundtrack practically every day since I watched this and my new bio on my Instagram shows how much I love it.

Army of the Dead

Did the hype ruin this movie or was it just mediocre to begin with? Army of the Dead was everywhere so I had to watch it because everyone was talking about it, but I really didn’t enjoy it, find out why here.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

The first film I saw in the cinema in 2021! It is a very interesting tale that is definitely different to the other Conjuring films, but one that I thoroughly enjoyed, and the perfect end to the trilogy.

John Tucker Must Die

A classic film that every girl has to watch. I am still in love with the other Tucker even if he did become Joe from You

Men in Black: International

This movie made me miss Will Smith in the original Men in Black movies, which I feel were so much better. The only saving grace for this film was that Chris Hemsworth was very much like David Tennant’s Doctor Who, and I appreciated that.


A cute tale of a sea monster finding his feet in the human world all while hunting down a Vespa. This movie is absolutely brilliant from Pixar and I go into the theory of the gay story line within it that I think is really intriguing to read.

Thank you for an incredible June! I’m excited to see where my 26th year on this planet goes and all of the reviews that will come with it! On June 30th I posted my 1000th review onto WordPress and I want to celebrate that achievement to say thank you for the last six years and let’s make the next six even better!

Until next time.

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