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Venom Review

It took me the longest time to watch this movie but I’m glad I finally got round to it.

Venom follows Eddie, played by Tom Hardy, who absorbs the Venom creature into his body accidentally and it turns out they have to work together to stop the bad guy of this movie – which is another Venom character who seems to be a lot more skilled than the Venom that we know and love.

Interestingly Venom came from outer space and was transported to a lab where it was experimented on and looked at how it reacted to living beings, first starting off with cute little rabbits, and then making its way to humans, often from the poorer side of the community.

Venom was never meant to enter Eddie. Eddie had his concerns about this company that was doing the experiments but it was never meant to get to this level. It was so fun to watch how Eddie and Venom interacted with each other. Eddie was able to hear Venom in his head whereas no one else could because they were sharing a consciousness, and so seeing them battle with each other and make funny quips at each other was all very entertaining.

This movie reminded me of another called Upgrade which I really didn’t enjoy. That had the same sort of premise of an otherworldly being sharing your body and while that movie was just not good in my opinion, this one was what I almost expected Upgrade to be. It was funny and silly but also had moments of terror and darkness and was just an all round good, enjoyable film.

The one thing I really appreciated with this movie was that it was all about Venom. No Marvel characters turned up (apart from at the very end) and so it was quite nice to just concentrate on this one villain and what his story was rather then having him have all these different fights with other MCU characters that really would’ve just muddied the whole thing and made the cinematic universe a bit confusing.

I would really recommend this movie especially if you haven’t seen it before because it is an enjoyable watch. It’s a standalone Marvel film where the time goes quickly, there isn’t really a moment that you don’t care about and you get to know Venom on a deeper level then you did from say the childhood Spider-Man cartoons that I used to absolutely love watching.

I’m interested to see where they go with the Venom storyline, but I feel even as a standalone this film was enjoyable, and it’s one of those movies that you could easily sit down and watch and not have to worry too much about what’s happening in the rest of the MCU to understand it. You could literally go in watching this movie and none of the other Marvel films and still enjoy yourself, it’s that sort of film and I really appreciate that

What do you think of Venom?

Until next time.

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