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Superstore Season Four Review

I was quite surprised the angle that this season went for, it definitely seemed a lot deeper than the last.

Superstore Season Four follows on the storyline that we had in the previous season with the babies and Matteo still being an illegal immigrant.

We see both Dina and Amy go into labour at around the same time and get to explore the healthcare of the US when Amy isn’t able to stay in a nice hospital because she does not have the correct insurance whereas Dina can because she has a better job and so gets the better insurance.

We see this again when Amy has had her baby and has to go back to work three days after giving birth because she hasn’t been at the job long enough so doesn’t get to have the maternity leave that she would if she been there longer. Surprisingly this area was quite raw when you see Dina go in for her Caesarean you get to see blood, you get to see a bit of gore, and it was very surprising.

This is when we come to the final episode which is always the episode that blows me away, and this is when Matteo is detained for being an illegal immigrant because ICE come to the store due to the fact that people are bringing up unions again.

Amy does not want to join a union and she is trying to keep unions out of her store because if a union is happening then corporate want to shut the store down. Of course Amy can’t tell her work colleagues that because in this sort of job everything is very hush-hush from higher up, and so for Matteo to be detained and taken away it finally gives Amy some perspective that they need a union to be able to protect people like him.

I am very interested to see where season five takes this storyline, as the seasons have continued they have been getting more grittier and deeper and I’m finding it quite interesting. A show that started off so light hearted and so chill has become something that has real strong social commentary on the US in the way that it works and how this affects lower level workers.

I’m still very much enjoying Superstore. I’m kind of sad that season five is the final season on Netflix currently and I don’t want to watch it too fast but I am very interested to see where they go.

What do you think a Superstore Season Four?

Until next time.

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