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The Life and Trial of Oscar Pistorius Review

This has to be the most biased series I have ever watched.

Oscar Pistorius is serving a 15 year sentence in jail for murdering his wife Riva Steenkamp, a claim that he disputes. He did not mean to murder her, and he is not a murderer as he believes it was an intruder that was in his bathroom that night.

This series is called The Life and Trial of Oscar Pistorius which is fair enough, but when the only parts of the trial we see within this many hour long series can probably be condensed to about an hour and a half, is it really about his trial? To me and what angers me the most is most of this series was talking about his life as a Paralympian, how he created such incredible things and did world records and broke boundaries but that means nothing with the fact that he is a murderer.

It was absolutely disgusting to see people sitting there talking about how wonderful he was, how he was such a kind human being and he was so nice to their children etc. how it was so sad his mum died when he was young which yes it is sad, but that doesn’t give him an excuse or overlook the fact that he is a murderer. All those things that he did that were great in his life are still great of course, but that does not undermine the fact that he killed someone and then didn’t even have the balls to own up to it. It was shown in this docu-series that he had accidentally fired off a gun before and when they asked him about that incident he couldn’t even take the blame for that or own up to it. He seems so spineless, so uncaring and all he really seems to care about is whether people think he’s a murderer or not…which he is.

For every moment spent talking about how great he was and how he did so many wonderful things the more my blood boiled thinking about that poor woman whose life was cut short because this guy overreacted and thought ‘oh yes if I fire four shots into an enclosed space that won’t kill the person inside’. What an idiot! What a joke! It was clear to me that he was messing the system about. He knew what he was doing that night and maybe he didn’t mean to kill his wife but he meant to kill whoever was in there, and he was just trying to get a lesser sentence because he doesn’t want to have to take the blame for what he actually did.

We saw in the series that there is an issue with domestic violence in South Africa, especially against women, and this just proves that even in the worst case scenario where the woman does die she still doesn’t get the justice she deserves which is just disgusting. I cannot believe that this series was even allowed to be broadcast because it’s so biased towards him and the only time we get to know about Riva is literally within the last half hour of the last episode. Before that we knew nothing about her and how wonderful she was and so once again she’s just pushed aside to make more space for him and it’s just horrific.

I have never been more angry at a docu-series and I do hope that Oscar stays in jail for the full time he is supposed to be in there, because it’s not a life sentence, and I hope he is labelled a murderer for the rest of his life. Being an award winning Olympian means nothing when you’ve taken the life of someone that you were supposed to love.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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