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Fear Street Part 1: 1994 Review

I wasn’t too sure about this movie and then the second-half came along and I was blown away.

Fear Street 1994 follows a group of friends who are being hunted down by a witch who was killed in their small town and every few years, much like IT, she possesses a townsperson to kill other people. We understand her motive in this film but we are yet to uncover what her motive is in the others.

This movie gave me big Stranger Things vibes. I think it’s because it’s set in a similar sort of era to that show and has the same sort of horror, sci-fi, paranormal-ness to it.

As I said the start of the movie didn’t really excite me too much. It was really interesting but I feel there were so many layers that were trying to fight to be the main plot point that it was hard to keep track, you had the love stories, you had the drugs, you had the weird hospital people, you had the many killers and only once more was revealed to the audience did it finally make sense. It just took a while to actually get to that point.

One thing that I found absolutely insane was some of the deaths, especially in the second part and in the climax, the deaths were brutal and worked fantastically. I didn’t expect this movie to go to these sort of lengths of making things as gory as they were but I really appreciate it because it really added to the excitement and the intensity of the whole film.

I also find it really interesting how this movie opened up a lot of questions that make you want to watch the other two parts. This one is set at the latest date in the three-part movie series so I’m really intrigued to see how they make it all fit together with it now going backwards. I do think it will be really good and it is fascinating seeing all these murderers come to life and knowing some of their backstory to then go back and actually see them committing the crimes that they did.

This was definitely a movie series that I thought would be a bit lacklustre. In some ways it reminded me of Riverdale with its quirky weirdness but I’m glad that it went down such a darker route than that. I keep comparing it to other teen horrors but it’s very easily comparable and reminds me of American Horror Story and Scream: The TV Show as well, in that it has great plot points and influences but it also stands alone really well, I just hope that the other two parts are just as good as this one if not better.

What did you think of Fear Street 1994? And what monster would you not want to chase you? For me it’s definitely the axe man because he terrified me.

Until next time.

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