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Aquaman Review

To be honest I’m just here to watch Jason Momoa.

In this film we follow the story of, unsurprisingly, Aquaman who is a half human / half Atlantean hybrid who should have the throne of Atlantis but unfortunately he’s pushed to the side lines due to him not being a perfect full breed of Atlantean.

Throughout the movie we see Aquaman go through his life and how he is different to other people. How he can talk to aquatic life and control the oceans and basically be Moses. We also see him work with William Defoe in honing his skills to possibly one day be the future ruler of Atlantis. Does anyone else find William Defoe absolutely terrifying or is it just his portrayal of the Green Goblin in Spider-Man still haunting me all these years later?

I have always been a Marvel person. Marvel is my favourite superhero franchise and I feel the issue that I have with DC is they take themselves too seriously. Aquaman and Jason Momoa as an actor are very funny, they have a lot of quips, they’re very quick-witted and we got to see that in some parts of this movie, however they were often sidelined by the more gritty realness of how scary and daunting the situation is. I feel if DC stopped taking themselves so seriously and had a bit more fun with their movies they could be just as good if not better than Marvel, because I believe their characters have that ability to be gritty and scary and raw, but also funny and tactile and witty.

This movie was too long for me, if I’m being completely honest I had to take a break and go get a McDonald’s halfway through because it was just dragging. The action sequences were very cliche and standard, the only difference was that these were under water, however I do take big issues with the fact that everyone was wearing clothes in the water and I can’t imagine how uncomfortable that must be. I swear there was a point where Jason Momoa was fighting in jeans under water and that’s just disgusting and should not be allowed.

I’m glad I watched this film, I feel it’s a good film with what it’s doing. Some of the CGI seemed off at certain points, some of the storyline dragged, and I really didn’t care about the love between Aquaman and Mera because I had no connection to them at all. It’s not just Amber Heard that I have the issue with, even though I don’t like her after everything that’s come out, but in the movie she just seemed like a budget little mermaid and I was not here for it.

If you enjoy superhero films and you’re more of a DC fan then maybe this movie would be good for you, unfortunately for me I just couldn’t get into it. I had the same issue with the original Superman film with Henry Cavill, the Justice League and even Suicide Squad. I feel DC need a revamp, I’ve been saying this for years, because they do not know what they’re doing. They’re trying to compete with Marvel and they shouldn’t be, they are great as a standalone franchise but them trying to compete with Marvel to be the next big thing is causing them issues and is making their films less enjoyable than what I really do believe they could be.

And I’m all for putting Easter eggs into films but seeing Annabelle underneath the ocean just chilling for no good reason and making it so obvious really annoyed me. James Wan is so much better than that, and I feel he could’ve used her being implemented into the film better as well, it’s just a little thing but I had to get it out there because it really annoyed me.

What do you think of Aquaman?

Until next time.

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