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The Devil Below Review

I feel this movie could’ve been really good but the actual execution was super boring.

The Devil Below follows a group of people who want to find out what caused a mysterious coal mine fire decades before.

The premises is really interesting – a coal mine fire broke out and people died and yet there seems to be weird circumstances around it. Immediately you think ‘oh it’s called The Devil Below, it’s going to be a pit to hell, how exciting is that?’ very Doctor Who David Tennant times, but then the actual movie gets into the gear of exploring this phenomenon and it gets very slow and very lethargic.

Watching this movie I could not hold my attention at all. I didn’t really care for the characters as they seemed quite one note, they try to have some depth to them but again it really didn’t excite me or interest me. But the monsters themselves looked fantastic, they looked like really cool scary monsters but they just reminded me too much of A Quiet Place.

These characters couldn’t make noises around these monsters or they gave away their position, which is perfectly fine for any sort of monster movie, but the way that it was presented was very Quiet Place. Comparing these two movies, A Quiet Place is a phenomena of cinematic excellence whereas The Devil Below has a great idea and a great premise but unfortunately bad execution.

I feel there could’ve been so much more mystery to make it even more intriguing, and the excitement and build up could actually have point and purpose and wasn’t just people sat around talking. I really need that grittiness to it, the excitement, the scares, and for me it just all fell flat and really I just wanted it to be over because it kept dragging.

I wouldn’t recommend this film. I feel there are better films that do the same sort of idea out there and unfortunately this is just not something that I would watch again. I really do love the monsters, I think they’re really fascinating, but the rest of the story could just find a new plot to follow because it really needed it.

What do you think of The Devil Below?

Until next time.

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