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Fear Street Part 2: 1978 Review

When I first watched 1994 I wasn’t sure how going back in the timeline would work, but now that we’re in the middle of the timeline, I can’t wait to see how it all began.

1978 follows on from the 1994 story where we see the main characters in that film go to the woman who is the main character in this film. This film takes place on a camp which is very reminiscent of 70s horror including Sleepaway Camp and Friday the 13th, and so the whole influence of this movie was very well done and very relatable.

One thing that I loved more in this part than the first part was the setting of the story. In the first part the characters had free reign of the town which is very reminiscent of 90s horror, however in this one it felt so much more claustrophobic and scary. The fact that an axe murderer is chasing you down versus all these other scary monsters was fantastic and really interesting to watch and I also felt the score of this movie really added to the drama and the excitement, as well as the fear. Everything came together really well and I really enjoyed this part.

One thing that let it down for me unfortunately, but is part of the whole trilogy, was the ending where all of the monsters prior to this main one came out again. They had this in the first part and it made sense because they had to build up this whole story around Sarah Fier and who she was and why these people were killing people, but I felt just having the axe murderer in this film was so strong and so suspenseful and then including all the others just lost its air of excitement. While I understand they had to be included I, in some ways, wish they weren’t.

The one thing that is true for this series is it keeps getting better and better. The first part had a lot of exposition in it, because it was the first you had to explain a lot to the audience, which meant there was a lot more time in this part to explore the characters and more about the witch which I really appreciate. I do feel I like 1978 more than 1994 just because I have more of a connection to it and the characters, although the amount that 1994 set up for this part really helped it and I hope that the end of the trilogy is just as good as these two parts, because they have blown me away and I did not expect them to be this amazing based on the first half of 1994.

If you haven’t started watching Fear Street I really recommend you do. It’s a brilliant take on classic horrors that really adds a new and extra level to them. I think the idea of all the different monsters is really exciting and if you like horror movies, especially horror movies of yesteryear, then this will be right up your street because it encapsulates that feeling and that vibe of those films so well.

What do you think of Fear Street 1978?

Until next time.

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