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Loki Season One Review

As I said in my WandaVision review, I’m not really a big fan of Marvel TV shows, however I had to watch this one as I love Loki as a character and I really enjoyed it.

Loki unsurprisingly follows the character Loki who during Avenger’s Endgame steals the Tesseract and is transported to the Time Variance Authority – that keep an eye on the timeline of the world – because he is not meant to be in possession of the Tesseract.

Loki ends up helping the TVA in hunting down other Lokis that are also on timelines that do not fit within the main timeline of Earth. If these timelines were able to continue then the sacred timeline would have a chance of breaking down due to these other timelines becoming more sentient.

This tv show was really fun to watch as I feel the character of Loki has a lot of whimsical madness about him and you never know what’s going to happen next, so it kept the show flowing while also slowly revealing more to us as the audience that made us want to watch anyway.

I really enjoyed seeing the different elements of the story being revealed and how this played into Loki as a character and his development throughout the series. You see him go from this I don’t care, silly, mischievous character to a character with so much more depth and intrigue within him, especially as he learns about his future and who he could become one day.

The one part that I didn’t appreciate and spoilers for this part was the romance between Loki and female Loki, Sylvie. This just seemed really odd to me because it’s him, he has fallen in love with himself, which fits his character brilliantly but in terms of logistic ways of working just seems very strange. I wonder in season 2 if they keep this love interest because to me it just seems wrong. Is that not ultimate incest?

Spoilers over. Overall the show was absolutely fascinating and a really great add-on to the Marvel universe. I feel with Wandavision, at the end it became a bit too Marvel. You had this great story, this great cinematography and it all fit together so well, but then at the end it just became any other action cliche. However with Loki I never really got that sense, yes there were big fight scenes but they all made sense to the world that we were in, and I found them really enjoyable.

My favourite Loki has to be the crocodile version, his little hat was just too cute! It made me laugh, the fact that you can have a Loki that isn’t even human, and I thought it was a really nice touch.

I do think, going into season 2, it could still be really good but I do worry that this season was so good the second one might hold up as well. But I’ve said that about other shows before anyway and I have been proven wrong so hopefully this is another example of that.

What do you think of Loki?

Until next time.

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