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Fear Street Part 3: 1666 Review

The hype I had for this film after 1978 was like no other, so did it hold up?

Fear Street Part 3 is set in 1666 where we get to see Sarah Fiers’ first-hand account of what happened to her and what started the curse on Shadyside. I really enjoyed this element of the film, it felt very much like the VVitch, which was a movie that I didn’t enjoy as much, but I feel because this had so much buildup behind it I enjoyed it much more. Usually I’m not really into very old mystical set movies, but in this I did because I already knew so much about what I was getting into.

Sarah Fier as a character was fantastic. She was so interesting to watch and I feel the angle that they went with this film was the perfect way to end the series. The fact that she was thought to be a witch because she wanted to be in a lesbian relationship with a girl she liked which we saw mirrored in 1994 was heartbreaking, but also showed how misogynistic and homophobic the world was back then and also how much the Devil played a part in these peoples lives.

If you tried to bring the Devil into 1994 people would probably think you’re crazy, so to see it used so much in this one was really fascinating. The monster of this film was one I had forgotten about, but when I saw the children sat in the pews in the church it all came flooding back, and it was heartbreaking to watch but was so well done in the context of the series.

Going back to Sarah Fier we have to talk about her hand! We know that her hand was separated from her body but watching that moment happen thinking ‘oh she probably cut it off herself’ when in actual fact she didn’t was absolutely horrific. I found it really hard to watch that particular scene because it had so much power and horror to it, but it really helped cement the whole storyline into this gritty gruesome story that, yes can be quite young adult in its style, but also has these more gritty parts that you expect from an adult horror film.

In the end we do return to Shadyside in 1994 to bring everything together and end the series and I felt this was done really well. I thought the twist was fascinating and wasn’t one that I really saw coming, although all the signs were there throughout, and I just feel it had that perfect energy of fun as well as horror and gore. This is definitely a film series that I would recommend to anyone who is into horror films.

I really enjoyed this final instalment. It was really interesting to see how and why this whole thing began and what could’ve been done differently. It’s such a shame that Sarah went through all she did in her lifetime but to finally end her curse and give her some peace and see the characters that we’ve grown to love throughout it finally be able to relax and be happy again was lovely. It had great representation, it had a great storyline, brilliant cinematography and music scores, and is one horror series that will stick with me as one of the horror greats.

I definitely recommend this series if you haven’t watched it. Of course if you have let me know what you think of it as well, but for me, I thoroughly enjoy it and I hope more things like this come from Netflix because they really shined in this one.

What do you think of Fear Street 1666?

Until next time.

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