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Pet Sematary Review

I mean really, after your cat turns evil what do you really think the magic soil is going to do to your dead daughter?

Pet Sematary follows a family of four and a cat (who is adorable) as they move into a new house that has shockingly a pet cemetery on its grounds.

One day the cat dies and one of the neighbours, while helping the father of the family bury the cat, tells him to bury it somewhere else where the cat can come back alive, but the cat is not its fluffy cute self anymore but rather a slightly mangled evil version.

Things escalate to the point where the couple’s only daughter gets hit by a truck, partly due to the evil cat, and dies. The husband for no rhyme or reason apart from how deranged the death has made him decides to bury his daughter (who was already buried in a churchyard) in this magic soil so that she can come alive again, but of course she is not who she used to be.

This was a really fascinating movie. I’ve never seen the original so I cannot compare it although I feel this movie stands up really well. But to be fair, the second you see the creepy masked children you know that this is not an area that you really want to be, have you seen The Wicker Man?

And as I said at the start, this man saw how his cat changed and became a bit deformed after he Jesus’d himself, so why did he expect his daughter to be any different? I did really like the end of the movie, though it was quite horrific and sad, but I really like the impact that it had on me and it really made up for how dumb the logic was with the characters in this film.

Would I recommend this movie? I definitely feel it’s one of those movies you have to watch once, whether that is the original or remake, but I really enjoyed it. I found the storyline quite interesting, the characters were really quite impactful, especially the children because they were so young and sweet, so when you saw the horrific things that happened to them you were shocked that, that was even allowed on screen. It’s definitely not a movie that I’m going to run back to and watch any time soon, but I’m glad I watched it because it did have a very fascinating tale and really looks at grief and loss and how tainted the words ‘be careful what you wish for’ really are.

What do you think of Pet Sematary?

Until next time.

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