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Top 10 Reviews – July 2021

In previous years summer has always been a lull for me and my website due to everyone out enjoying the sunshine, however this year my little website grew 47% year on year and I couldn’t be more proud! So let’s see my top 10 reviews of this month and what you’ve been reading.

The Life and Trial of Oscar Pistorius

A very heated review that annoyed me greatly. This documentary was incredibly biased, incredibly one-sided, and we only got to know about Reeva in the last half an hour of the final episode. If you like ranty reviews this one’s for you.

The Devil Below

A movie that I thought will be really interesting and feature the devil and it did neither of those things. It reminded me of A Quiet Place and I would definitely recommend watching that movie over this one.

The Dead Don’t Die

Is it time for zombie movies to hang up their hats? While this movie had some great meta moments overall it was quite underwhelming and I definitely feel the zombie train has left the station.

The Intruder

A movie that could’ve been really interesting but just ended up quite comical. This was definitely one of those films that over played every aspect, and while it could’ve been enjoyable, it just felt too slapstick.


A Disney movie I will not go back and watch again because I truly believe it scarred me for life. Read my review to find out why.

Eighth Grade

A charming film about a girls journey through middle school and all the trials that come with being their social media generation. It certainly opened up my eyes to issues that would’ve never crossed my teenage brain.

Nail Bomber: Manhunt

An event that I had little knowledge on so watching this was absolutely fascinating to see what happened and the aftermath too. It’s a shame that the far right mindset is still so prevalent in today’s society.

Loki Season One

I absolutely adore the character of Loki and thankfully his TV show did not disappoint. This is one that I definitely recommend if you enjoy superhero films and want to make the transition to TV shows.

Pepe the Frog: Feels Good Man

A fantastic look into Internet culture and how one small meme can change the course of your lifetime. Plus a fantastic look at copyright and how important it is to own your own images.

Pet Sematary

A film that defies all reasonable logic. A fantastic look at grief and loss and how far people will go to get back the ones they love.

Thank you for another incredible month of my website! I’m excited to see what August brings us and hope that it is another record breaking month.

Until next time.

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