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The Other Woman Review

I knew Nicki Minaj was in this movie but I didn’t realise it came out so long ago.

The Other Woman follows Carly, a lawyer who was dating a man called Mark. But she starts to feel that Marc isn’t all he says he is so she decides to stop seeing him, and that’s when she finds out that he is married with a long time wife called Kate and their giant puppy Great Dane who is my favourite character.

Despite Carly’s reservations she and Kate team up to deal with the Marc situation in the only way they can: revenge. And this is when they find out that he is also seeing another girl, this ‘midlife crisis’ 20-year-old girl that all men want to have when they get to a certain age called Amber, who is played by Kate Upton and is absolutely fabulous.

All three of these women start plotting against Mark and it’s a really interesting story about women empowerment. How usually the women are the ones that are fighting over the man but this time they realise that the man isn’t worth their time and they end up teaming up against him, and each of the women use their smarts to be able to manipulate Mark into what they want, as well as finally being able to enact the revenge on him.

This movie was really fun and definitely a great girls night in film with wine and snacks. It has a brilliant storyline, each of the characters are fleshed out and interesting, and you can really empathise with each of them and what they’re going through. I feel every woman in their life has had to deal with a man either cheating on them or lying to hide something about them and so anyone can relate to these characters and enjoy this film.

I feel each of the actresses fit their character really well too and I really appreciate that sort of casting because everyone made sense, apart from Nicki Minaj. Unfortunately for me she’s not an actress, she’s a rapper and she’s brilliant at that, but acting is definitely not one of her skills. For me it seemed more of a cameo for fun rather than having an actual actress play the role really well, because I feel the character of Lydia could’ve had so much more to her and unfortunately she didn’t because Nicki Minaj was the one to play her.

I really recommend this film especially if you’re looking for something a bit more lighthearted and friendly. It is definitely a film you can enjoy on your own or with other people and it’s one of those films that you can enjoy at any stage of your life. If you’re in a happy place with a happy boyfriend then you can enjoy it with them, or if you’re in a place where you’ve just had your heart broken you can order a pizza, get some wine and chuck it on and cry because it fits that perfectly too.

What do you think of The Other Woman?

Until next time.

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