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Shrek The Third Review

This movie seemed to fly by…

Shrek the Third continue Shrek‘s storyline of getting used to a new normal with Fiona, when the king dies and he is next in line for the throne, but does not want it, so goes after Fiona‘s cousin Arthur to take up the throne instead.

Alongside this we also find out that Fiona is pregnant and Shrek uses his time with Arthur and donkey and puss to really think about this change and how that’s going to effect him, especially as donkey has had little donkey-dragon hybrid babies recently too.

And finally we have the antagonist in Prince Charming again who wants to be the rightful king of Far Far Away with Rapunzel, and goes out to kill Shrek during a really, really bad play.

This movie was perfectly fine. It wasn’t incredible and it was quite forgettable. Having the same antagonist as Shrek 2 as well seemed a bit of a shame because you had different ones in Shrek 1 and 2, so just continuing that story I thought ‘well we’ve already seen this already so why do we care?’

Once again it’s the old ‘Shrek isn’t ready for this change’, he wasn’t ready to love Fiona because he’s an ogre, he wasn’t ready to meet her family because he’s an ogre, and now he isn’t ready to be a dad because he’s an ogre. It seems while Shrek has obvious character development in each film because he is able to get over these problems, it always starts with him being doubtful of his own abilities and then realising that his own abilities are fine, it’s kind of repetitive and after three movies a bit annoying.

The inclusion of the princesses in this movie to be more than just a-list celebrities was quite nice. I don’t really know why Dolores, one of the ugly stepsisters, was part of that gang now but she added some comedic relief which was fun to watch. I quite liked the princesses and how they gave them a sort of badass way of being but again they just came across as quite stereotypical, and while I did like that they use their own powers that they have anyway to beat these evils, I feel it could’ve been so much more.

This movie was perfectly fine. It wasn’t bad or great and it definitely doesn’t hold a candle to the first two movies. I feel this is where the Shrek movies started to go downhill a bit especially with using Prince Charming again. He was a good character but was losing his touch in this film and basically there weren’t many new characters that came into the world that really excited me. Merlin was fun, but he was a comic relief character, Arthur was fine but he had to be, and although I enjoy this movie it’s definitely not one I would run back to watch any time soon.

What do you think of Shrek the Third?

Until next time.

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