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The Final Girls Review

This movie understood the assignment and I really appreciated it.

The Final Girls follows a girl called Max and her group of friends who, during a rerun of her mother’s famous slasher movie that clearly takes inspiration from Friday the 13th, end up trapped in a burning auditorium and escape through the projection of the movie which ends up transporting them into the movie itself.

The reason that the rerun is playing at the cinema is because Max’s mum was recently tragically killed in a car crash, and so the fact that Max and her friends have been transported into the film where her mum is still alive and young really adds this interesting dynamic to it. She needs to escape this world because she does not belong in the film however she does not want to lose this time with her mum either.

What I really appreciated about this film was it really understood the slasher genre. Having parts of the film played out to you, you can really see the influences of 80s horror, but also seeing these new characters that clearly do not belong in the 80s or in this world having to deal with their situation was really funny. This parody’d everything really well, each of the characters had their point and purpose within the film, and even Billy being the murderer was really funny to watch knowing all the influences that created this film in the first place.

But besides the clear parody of 80s slashers you also have the deeper storyline of Max dealing with her mother’s death and being able to grieve with a different version of her mum who doesn’t even know she exists. Yes it was really sweet seeing them interact with one another and seeing Max come to terms with the fact that her mum is gone, but just because she’s gone doesn’t mean that she can’t still talk to her and can’t still experience life with her.

I think that’s the main thing to take from this movie is even though their body is gone they can live on through you, and even if you can’t see them they can still be around. The fact that she gets to spend this time with her mum in a way that is so absurd but so sweet was really interesting and really shows you a different way of getting through the grieving process and learning to live with someone who is no longer there anymore.

The one part that I didn’t appreciate of this movie was the ending. I get it was funny and silly and stupid but at the same time it felt quite like a non-ending to me. I almost wanted more conclusion and that just wasn’t what happened. Maybe it’s opening the door for a second Final Girls movie but I don’t really think it needs it, and while I get the parody of the situation, for me I would’ve rather liked a bittersweet ending than a comedy ending.

But despite that critique I would still recommend this movie, especially if you like re-imaginations of classic slasher horrors. This film remind me a Fear Street, especially 1994 and 1978 with how it was a parody of what it was referencing but also how intricate and smart the whole thing was. Every aspect of this film and detail was right and I really appreciated that.

What do you think of The Final Girls?

Until next time.

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