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Book Club Review

This is the sort of life I aspire to have when I’m older.

Book Club follows a group of women who have had a book club for many years of their lives, through all the ups and downs, and are finally hitting their twilight years where they’re starting to live for themselves and do what they want, and a big sexual awakening for them is when they suggest reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

Now Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t a big love of mine, I think there’s a lot of issues with it, but as a basis for these women to find their sexual identities and how they want to be treated and who they want to be treated by was really fun to watch. Especially seeing them try to incorporate all the BDSM and more risqué elements of Fifty Shades into their lives, especially the character who has a husband who seems to have lost his spark, watching her try these different moves was brilliant.

I loved how each character was going through a different thing. One was on Bumble to find new partners, one had a husband who had lost his spark, one woman’s husband had just died and her children were trying to get her to move across country to be closer to them, and another has reunited with an old flame – that really was the cutest part of the movie and I really enjoyed it.

The wine, the gossip, the comedy! This movie was a delight to watch and so fun. These women are who I inspire to be like when I’m at their age, a woman who is confident in herself but still learning new things and has a great group of friends around her that push her towards her greatness. It was so fun to watch and to see it in a different age range than your usual 20/30 somethings was really fun too.

I highly recommend this movie because it’s absolutely hilarious and fun and makes you aspire to be just like them. While I don’t recommend Fifty Shades of Grey, that part of this movie is so small that you can easily put any risqué book title into it and it would still work just as well as it does now.

What do you think of Book Club?

Until next time.

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