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Sophie: A Murder in West Cork Review

This was a fantastic look at a crime that spanned two countries and caused a lot of uproar.

Sophie was a French woman who was in Cork in a very remote home just before Christmas when she was murdered by a man that they believe was Ian Bailey.

Ian was someone who knew Cork and was the prime suspect for the whole of the case, however in Ireland they did not find him guilty, but in front of a judge in France giving evidence her son was able to find him guilty and sentence him to 25 years…a sentence that he hasn’t served a minute off.

And you wonder how could he get away with it and not serve any of this time when he’s been found guilty? That’s because he was found guilty in a different country, he was not found guilty by Ireland’s law courts. Of course Sophie’s son wants to give her the justice that she deserves and he wants to lay her to rest and leave her in peace but of course that doesn’t mean anything in terms of the law, especially when Ian is found innocent in his own country.

It’s one of those cases that is so frustrating because we will probably never find out what actually happened to Sophie unless the murderer confesses. Sophie was a young woman, so full of light and happiness that she did not deserve to be killed in such a brutal and barbaric way, especially around Christmas time when her own family would’ve been preparing for the festivities to then get the call that their mum is not coming home that Christmas.

I definitely recommend this show especially if you like crime documentaries that are unsolved or have pieces left missing. It’s very frustrating knowing that the man who could’ve murdered Sophie is still at large, but you also don’t want to send down a man who could be innocent just because you have a bias against him.

What do you think of the Murder in West Cork?

Until next time.

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