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Diana: In Her Own Words Review

This was an eye-opening documentary to watch. Diana died when I was two years old and so I don’t know much about her life or who she was and so this was an incredible watch.

In this documentary you get to hear from Diana herself talk about the trials and issues she had to endure while being married to Prince Charles, and even before meeting him, how she felt she was being prepared for something more than just an ordinary life. It’s quite a shame really because Diana comes across as such a kind soul, so gentle, so quiet, yet she was pushed into a world at only the age of 19 that she was not prepared for and did not expect.

Can you imagine being 19 and marrying a 30+ something and suddenly everyone is around you, the papers, the media, photographers, journalists, everything! You wouldn’t get a moment of peace and that must’ve been terrifying. Then literally within a couple of years having a child and your whole world is just so different, but also knowing that your husband might be off seeing someone else…

Now the whole Charlie and Camilla issue is a thing that really annoys me. Camilla was Charles‘s age, or around that, and so for him to go after a girl who was so young and innocent and mess her about in such a way just because he couldn’t have Camilla really annoyed me. Especially with how obvious Camilla made it all, she wore off-white and a veil to the wedding day as a guest, clearly she wanted to be the bride here and she didn’t get it, so she seemed to do everything to make Diana’s life a living hell.

But from watching The Crown it’s pretty clear to see that the royal family are very cold. They don’t seem to have a lot of love for each other and they are quite happy to leave the children to be cared for by other people so they don’t even get that normal family life that normal people get. They don’t tuck their kids into bed, they don’t have dinners together, they don’t talk about their homework with each other and it’s all very cold and calculated and uncaring. So I feel for Diana to come into this world and have so many issues with her pregnancies and her bulimia it’s just not fair, she needed someone to love her and to help her and support her and instead she just got this cold man who I don’t believe really knows what love actually is.

I would highly recommend this documentary if you haven’t seen it because it is fascinating. It’s such a tragic tale and Diana didn’t deserve the life that she ended up getting and it’s such a shame that once her life started to become hers again it was cut short. Diana is and will always be an inspiration and really teaches people to be kind and gentle and nice to one another and to not be like the royal family which is much more cold and calculated because that’s such an old way of looking at things and that is not going to help civilisation in any way.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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