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Schindler’s List Review

This is definitely a movie you should watch once, but maybe once is enough.

Schindler’s List follows the true story of Oscar Schindler who helped free over 1000 Jews from a concentration camp by allowing them to work in his factory. While Schindler was a Nazi he seemed to have a lot more heart and care and was able to see these Jewish people as humans, when most of the Nazis saw them as vermin. And while it’s still hard to empathise with him as he is a Nazi, knowing what he did to save these people and how much pain he felt for not saving more has to be congratulated.

This film is shot in black and white apart from a couple of scenes where we see a young girl no older than five wearing a red coat. But being shot in black and white it gives more of a realism to it, it makes the story seem more believable especially as a lot of the scenes the German soldiers are speaking in German and the Jewish people are speaking in their native tongue. Really the only characters that speak English are the ones that have big long monologues that we need to understand as audience members.

This movie of course is a very hard movie to watch and it deals with a subject matter that is absolutely atrocious and really tugs on your heartstrings thinking what these people went through and how easily it could happen to you. I remember watching this and thinking these Nazis who are treating these people like scum, this could’ve been them! If whoever was in charge decided that the German people were in the wrong it could so easily be flipped on any sort of human being or race and it’s so scary that people can have this sort of power over others and also be able to inflict such pain without any care at all at what they’re doing.

This movie is absolutely incredible and so heart breaking to watch and to think that it’s all based on a true story is just horrific. No human being no matter who they are or where they come from deserve to go through the horror that these people sadly went through and so while I do recommend Schindler’s List it is more as an informative and educational piece letting you know what happened and so we can prevent it from happening again, rather than something to be sat down and enjoyed. This is not an enjoyable movie, it is a hard hitting movie but one that should be watched.

What do you think of Schindler‘s List?

Until next time.

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