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Could You Survive? Review

This was a really interesting series but it did get quite repetitive.

Could You Survive? looks at real life tales of people in imminent danger and the presenter of the show shows you how you could survive in that situation if you ended up in it. These included ending up stranded in freezing water, getting lost on a hike, and even surviving a car crash yet no one knows you’re there.

The show was really interesting and gives you lots of little tips and hints on how you could survive these trials and events, and while it was fascinating to see what these people had to go through and what they learnt from it, they all seem to end in one way: with luck.

Whether a helicopter is out searching for them already sees them on the ground or someone manages to get cell phone service and calls the rescuers or they just randomly get found by a search team everything seemed really random and very lucky. I guess with the show showing you how you can survive longer that means your chance of being found increases but at the same time all these people made it out anyway. As morbid as it sounds maybe it would be more interesting if someone had unfortunately not made it, we don’t need to have a real person but a hypothetical, and then we can see how if you end up in that situation rather than perishing like they have you can manage to avoid it and live.

The show was interesting but it did get a bit boring after a while when you understood the premise of it and what it was telling you. Of course if you want to be as prepared as you can then you’re going to watch every episode because every episode looks at a different sort of survival technique, however for me the novelty ran out quickly and I don’t believe in my heart of hearts that I’m going to end up in these situations, touch wood anyway.

If you enjoy survival shows you will enjoy this one. It’s very Bear Grylls in that it has a lot of information that will become really handy for you in the future, but of course you have to remember all these different snippets of information, which when you’re panicking in the situation you’re probably not going to.

What do you think of Could You Survive?

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  1. It is amazing what you can recall when adrenaline is high, so this show plants little seeds of knowledge in your head which may one day, really help you or someone else. The only down side is the camera does not always position in a way that what he shows you for a split second only sadly, can’t be seen clearly – like types of plants or knots. It also assumes you have some equipment like multi tool or para-chord or a back pack etc. Sometimes – as has happened to me – you just don’t have anything at all. (I got caught on a landslide: I had a dog lead flip flops and a bank card. could not move up or down without it sliding into a literal mud pit a long way down!! (My dog had long since made it to the top don’t worry! ) There was no rubbish around me like glass or plastic it was just slippy mud and soil and clay mud). I think the suggestion of those that did not make it and why – would be a more critical and useful tool but I am loving watching the series – the trick about NOT drinking your pee directly was excellent, but if I take anything from this series it would be, even if you feel like an idiot taking a back pack full of survival stuff to a beach or a county walk, or while collecting berries or a river swim – DO IT ANYWAY. It is heavy and annoying but could absolutely save yours or some one else’s life.


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