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How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Review

Is this one of the most unforgettable seasons of How to Get Away with Murder? I think it might be.

Let’s talk about my first statement. The reason I say that is because I’ve had to watch this season twice now because I literally could not remember what happened after watching it the first time, and I couldn’t even remember what some of the twists were, and that’s when you know that it’s not a memorable season.

So we meet a new class member called Gabriel who we initially think is Bonnie’s possible son that she had from rape. This is however disproven when we find out who Bonnie’s son actually was and I won’t lie this B plot did nothing for me. I found it took up too much time, went nowhere, and just kind of bored me.

Alongside this and yes another Bonnie storyline, but this adds more into other characters storylines too, was her relationship with Ron. Now Ron turns out to be a possible bad guy but of course there’s always more twists to the story, however honestly this was quite boring. I don’t really care about Bonnie and her trauma and everything else and I’d rather concentrate on Annalise and the crimes at hand that she is fighting. That’s what interests me in the show, so if we can move away from Bonnie that would be grand, but I do understand how this plot played into the overall plot and so it wasn’t as bad as the missing son.

The only part that really touched me in the season was Lahey Senior being murdered on the day of his release from prison. There was so much hope in that man. He seemed to have such a good spirit, so positive and really just wanted to make amends for all the mistakes he made in his past and to see his character be killed in such a way was really hard to watch. And seeing the other characters deal with it too was very sad and sadly all too relatable in our current climate.

While I love How to Get Away with Murder and I am excited to watch season six after this one and I am glad that season six is the final season. While this can be a brilliant show, re-watching this season showed me how a lot of the subplots I just did not care about, and what I really crave from a TV show like this is the crime side of it. The court cases, how she wins court cases, loses court cases, and just how intricate and exciting that side of it can be. Rather than all this drama between the characters that I honestly could not care less about.

What do you think of How to Get Away with Murder season five?

Until next time.

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