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Amanda Knox Review

You know this is going to be a biased documentary when the journalist they use is from the Daily Mail.

Back in 2007 in Italy Meredith, an English student who was living there, was brutally murdered and her roommate Amanda is at the centre of the crime investigation because the police believe the way she was grieving was strange.

Yes you read that right, the reason the police suspected Amanda from the beginning wasn’t because she might of been there or because she seemed suspicious in any true way or that she was found with blood on her, nope it was the fact that she didn’t seem to be grieving correctly that made her the main suspect. Now do you please tell me, how do you grieve right?

Thus begins a whirlwind around Amanda and who she is and the fact that she’s a bit more promiscuous then Meredith was. Meredith was the sweet innocent girl who did nothing wrong and Amanda was the horny slutty student who liked to call herself Foxy Knoxy and deserves all this public hate and shame because she enjoys having sex with people. Can you imagine if Amanda was a man? None of this would’ve ever been bought to light and I bet he wouldn’t have even been seen as a suspect.

I feel the police’s bias towards Amanda being the murderer really fogged the whole process, they didn’t look into anyone else it seems as hard as they looked into her, and when they found the most minuscule evidence to take her down with they hit on it hard and made sure that she went to jail. But thankfully, in my eyes, she was acquitted of the murder because the evidence was inconsequential and too little to really pinpoint a killer.

I think it’s disgusting the way the world treats women. I think women deserve so much better and, as I said in my Trial of Oscar Pistorius review, in that they praised him and talked so highly about how he was a Paralympian and he was so amazing, and yet he literally murdered his wife. Whereas Amanda was simply living with a girl who got killed and was immediately the main suspect because she likes sex, it’s absolutely disgusting what women have to go through and I absolutely hate it.

The way no one wanted to take blame in the story as well! The press blames the police in the end and the police blamed whoever they could decide to blame because they certainly weren’t going to blame themselves. It was shocking to watch and whether Amanda did the crime or not the way that she was treated is not a way that anyone should be treated at all. Male murderers who are found guilty with a bucket load of evidence get treated better than what Amanda did! It’s so disgusting and I can’t wrap my head around how anyone thinks that this is okay.

I’m glad Amanda has gone on to do good things in her life and I’m glad that it seems she has been able to move on from this horrible tragedy. Of course Meredith‘s family still don’t have the real closure that they wish for but as I said in other reviews, it’s better to not have closure than to have an innocent person in jail, because that means whoever did do it is still out there and could do it again.

What do you think of Amanda Knox and the way she was treated?

Until next time.

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