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Superstore Season Five Review

I enjoyed the season, not as much as the other seasons, but it was still perfectly fine.

So at the end of season four we see Mateo being taken away by ICE as he is an illegal immigrant. I felt there would’ve been more to this story especially with the treatment of immigrants, but while the show has been quite heavy on some of the more serious topics, this topic seemed to be quite light and he was able to come back and work in the store in a different area very quickly and very easily. It all seemed to be brushed under the rug and not really investigated too much.

I do feel this could’ve been quite an interesting plot point, to see how people are being treated in America and how unfair it can be, but unfortunately for this storyline that just didn’t seem to happen. This season seemed to be a lot lighter with a lot of its serious moments and, while that’s perfectly fine, I feel this show has a bit of a reputation now to be quite hard-hitting and unfortunately it was not.

Only a handful of episodes actually stand out to me from this season and that is mainly Sandra‘s wedding and everything that happened with Carol. This was really funny and really enjoyable and Sandra‘s wedding was super fun and I really enjoyed the continuation of the storyline, but apart from that there wasn’t a lot that really shocked or surprised me within it.

Amy having such a huge pay rise seemed very interesting to me as I can’t imagine that’s very true, although if it is then I am shocked that, that’s even allowed to be a thing that can happen. Her story with Jonah now I think has got a bit stale by this point and even with a cliff hanger at the end I didn’t really care that much. If Amy wants to go to California so be it, maybe their relationship will pick up more in season six but we will have to wait and see.

I found that interesting as well that this season ended on a proper cliff hanger with a ‘to be continued…’ whereas before they’ve just left it on interesting plot points that you want to continue to watch to find out what happens. But what I found interesting with this season was that it had one less episode then all the other seasons and so I was expecting part 2 to be episode 22, and when I realised that part 2 was actually episode two season six, I thought that was interesting that they didn’t have another episode just to fill up the full run time.

I still enjoy the show and it’s still one that I will continue to watch, however I do feel it has lost a bit of it spark in this season for whatever reason, and earlier seasons were more enjoyable. It’s interesting how they try to keep it so fresh and new, and while it does work most of the time, there were just a few moments in this season that I didn’t really care about and that time could’ve been used to pad out more interesting storylines that were going on instead.

What do you think of Superstore season five?

Until next time.

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