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Villains Review

To go from playing Pennywise in It to this film is very jarring.

Villains follows a couple who have robbed a gas station and ironically end up running out of gas during their escape. They break into a house where they think they can steal their car, when they discover this home has horrors of its own…

It’s an interesting tale. It’s very clever and I like how it had a lot of dark comedy to it and wasn’t just a thriller that took itself too seriously, however I feel that was part of its down fall too. You never really knew what parts you were meant to laugh at and what parts you want to take more seriously because nothing really felt set into place.

I love the characters, I thought the characters were really strong and really played their roles well, especially the husband of the household, his character came across so southern and so proper and had good Christian values but would also shoot people. He was really fun to watch but I wasn’t blown away by the storyline, and while it was a really interesting premise, I feel the dark comedy aspect just got a bit too goofy at times and it didn’t mesh well together.

I’m looking at this in a very logical sense, but the ending as well I didn’t enjoy. The fact that one of the characters got away and then just moves to Florida and suddenly has a seashell shop on the beach was like yeah that’s lovely but what about the logistical side of it? Where are you going to sleep? Do you know anyone? Do you have any money? I don’t remember you leaving with any money. What’s going on here? What’s happening? And should I really be rooting for you because, while all the characters were bad, you are bad too and so should I be happy with the situation or not?

I feel I had the same sort of issue with The Dead Don’t Die in that it tried to take a common horror theme and twist it on its head with comedy and it didn’t really work for me. So maybe if you liked that film you would also enjoy this one or if you like that sort of weird and wonderful horror comedy mixture then I’m sure you would love this film. But for me as the audience member I just couldn’t get into it and unfortunately I do not think it will be a film that I would run back to to watch any time soon.

What do you think of Villains?

Until next time.

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