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Top 10 Reviews – August 2021

A fantastic month for my website that grew 50% year-on-year and I couldn’t be happier! But what were your most read reviews of mine this month?

Death Alley

A screener I was sent based on the true story of a group of cowboys who rob a bank in a western town. I’m not usually into westerns but I did thoroughly enjoy this one.

Sophie: A Murder in West Cork

An interesting tale of an unsolved murder case that spans two countries and includes a guilty and innocent final verdict.

The Suicide Squad

What the first Suicide Squad movie should’ve been. This film was a delight to watch and made me fall in love with DC once again.

Love Island 2021

A different year this year full of self love, gaslighting and emotional abuse. This is definitely a year that won’t be forgotten any time soon by the fans.

Superstore Season Five

One of my favourite TV shows of recent memory that touches me in ways I didn’t expect, but could this season have done more with its storylines?

Schindler‘s List

A movie everyone has to watch once but maybe once is enough. A horrifying tale of the Holocaust and one man’s goal to try and help as many people as he could.

Book Club

A charming film about four women in the twilight years of their life exploring Fifty Shades of Grey and learning that you’re never too old to have fun.

Amanda Knox

A documentary that opened my eyes to a case that I didn’t know too much about. Do you think Amanda Knox was really innocent?

Could You Survive?

A Netflix show that started off interestingly but soon got a bit repetitive. I do wonder, while it’s good to be informed, could being given too much information actually hinder you in a life or death situation?


A film that I wasn’t sure I would enjoy watching but it touched my heart in ways that I did not expect. After The Mitchells vs The Machines Disney and DreamWorks definitely have some new competition.

Thank you for another incredible month! I’m excited to see what autumn brings and hope that we can continue this trend of having super strong months year-on-year.

Until next time.

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