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The Last Days Review

This is a fascinating look at the Holocaust from people who really experienced it.

The Last Days looks at people who went through the Holocaust and survived. This includes their first-hand accounts of everything that they had to deal with, from people who had to work in the crematoriums getting rid of the bodies, to people whose family were experimented on. Everyone had a unique story and it really makes you grateful for what you have now because you will never have to experience something like that.

This is of course a very heartfelt and touching and in some ways distressing documentary but it’s so important to know this stuff so history doesn’t repeat itself. Throughout every decade of the world people have been discriminated against and ostracised just because of their race, sexuality or gender and to let it get to the scale it did in World War II is terrifying to think that, that could even happen. You want it to never happen again so you can’t ignore the stories no matter how horrific they are to hear, you have to understand them so you know to never let it happen again.

One of the most profound moments of the documentary was when one of the women who’s sister was experimented on in the concentration camp met the doctor that experimented on her. He was able to evade justice and seeing her sit down with this man who probably killed thousands of people to talk about one person’s story was so fascinating, and the way that he didn’t even seem to care, he was so nonchalant about the fact that her sister died and how he didn’t even know what experiment she had done apart from blood tests. The amount of pain and hurt and anguish these people went through and their oppressors don’t even seem remorseful at all, it’s a type of monster that you only imagine in childhood books and they’re real and walking this earth with the rest of us.

I highly recommend this documentary because it really gives you a different look at the Holocaust and what people went through. You can read it in history books and you can google it and look at pictures but when you hear it from the people that were there it’s so much more touching and real, because they experienced it. They know exactly what happened and they have to live with the fact that they survived it and millions of others didn’t for the rest of their lives.

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