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White Collar Season One Review

I was recommended this show and while it isn’t one that I would’ve watched off my own back I’m still glad I watched it.

Season one we meet Neil Caffrey, a convict who is very good at stealing things especially priceless and very expensive items. In the first episode we see him break out of jail in hopes to find his girlfriend Kate but the FBI are able to track him down despite all his attempts to lose them, however this is where the story takes a turn from him just going back to jail…

Caffrey knows things about other criminals, he can look into the ways that they work because he has done it before, and in the white collar division they go after the money laundering and fraud and things like that and so that being Caffrey‘s area of expertise the FBI believe they can use him for their benefit rather than throwing him into a jail cell again.

Caffrey teams up with Peter Burke, the FBI agent who is responsible for putting Caffrey in prison twice, but they become an unlikely team who help each other solve crimes and with each episode a new crime is solved. However we still have the overarch of the Kate storyline, where is she? Who is she with? And can Caffrey ever get to her and make things right again?

I was recommended this show after watching Ocean’s Eight and while I would say that it has a lot more of the crime side in it, this show has a good mixture of crime and police work especially with Caffrey using certain crime tools that he has used in the past like breaking and entering and phone cloning etc. It’s a good mix to keep you engaged, but while I absolutely adore the whole hustle side of things, the crime side, while the show was good if you’re looking for a show that will mirror the likes of Ocean’s Eight and Hustle on the BBC, this is not it.

If you enjoy detective shows that have a lot of crime and intrigue then this will definitely be a series for you because it shows it in a whole new light. While it has been off air for seven years and is a six season show it’s still very enjoyable to watch and holds up quite well.

I definitely recommend it even if you just watch the first couple of seasons, but the character of Neil Caffrey is very intriguing and quite attractive so that makes it easier to watch! And the storylines don’t go on for too long. Some are a bit more boring than others, understandably, but overall it is a fun show and one that I will continue to watch for at least a few more seasons.

What do you think of White Collar season one?

Until next time.

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